SoundCloud: Discovery 

To celebrate a global community of listeners and creators, SoundCloud will highlight the moments when artists and listeners collide, and the raw emotion that comes from discovering their next favorite track.

Every week SoundCloud will spotlight an up-coming artist who launched their careers on the platform, showcasing genres and artists who were first on SoundCloud.

Spring 2019

To showcase the unique people-powered communities that make up the SoundCloud eco-system, the campaign will feature real listener reacting to tracks of real artists.

The creative will be realized through a mix of high-contrast black-and-white and color imagery, featuring fans and artists interacting with each other within the composition. Listener quotes and track attributions will highlight the on-platform interaction that makes SoundCloud unique.

To execute the concept, the shoot will take place in a live concert environment. Invites will be extended to the top 1% of the performing artists fans. The venue will be small, intimate, and have with a low riser stage, bringing fans closer to the artists they love.

The entire evening will be captured by a handful of up-and-coming photographers and videographers, who will each provide their own unique perspectives on the evening.

Creative Director: Reed Van Nort
Designer: Reed Van Nort, Andrew Joseph
Photographer: Jimmy Fontaine
Agency: Superlative