First on SoundCloud

Summer 2020
As the largest creator-driven audio platform in the world, SoundCloud is the often first place creators and listeners connect to share and discover what’s new, now and next in music culture.

SoundCloud launched First on SoundCloud in 2018 to celebrate some of SoundCloud’s most promising new acts and give them a platform to accelerate their careers. Since then, FOSC alums have gone on to be nominated for Grammys, build their own labels and  brands, and release award winning albums while staying independent. This year’s class spans genres and geos, but all embody the originality, connectivity and DIY work ethic that are core to the SoundCloud creator community.

Creative Director: Reed Van Nort
Design: Devin Hobdy, Reed Van Nort
Photo: Aliyah Otchere (Che Lingo, Object Blue), Harper Smith (Christelle Bofale), Jimmy Fontaine (Shenseea)
Video: Daniela Monteiro & Alex Thompson (Che Lingo, Object Blue), Calvin Millar (Christelle Bofale), Half Full Agency (Shenseea)

Post-Production: Calvin Millar (Che Lingo, Object Blue), Razor Soft (Christelle Bofale, Shenseea)